Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word aptly spoken. Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Drops of Living Water" Giveaway

This is the pendant in the "Drops of Living Water" web launch giveaway!  It is hand shaped and hammered in .925 Solid Sterling Silver wire and it hangs on a sterling silver link.  A refreshing reminder that with Christ we will never thirst again.  Sign up on the site and you could be the winner!
If you don't win, but would like a pendant of the same style, I can custom make you one in non-tarnish wire or Sterling Silver Wire.  A gemstone dangle can also be added to the tip (see 'hanging swirl earring' for example).

Drops Pendant Wire

Friday, August 27, 2010

hanging swirl earring

These elegant earrings have a gemstone bead dangle.  This pair is made of non-tarnish wire.  Sterling Silver wire also an option for a custom look.  They can also be hammered for added depth; many other gemstone colors available. Your choice of gemstone dangle.

Hammered Swirl Earring Wire

guitar string jewelry

What could be more fun than wearing music?!  These earrings are made of shaped  upcycled guitar strings!  They hang on stainless steel ear wires.  Notice the round pair has been slightly hammered. A unique conversation piece for sure! This exact pair has been sold, but I can make another pair just for you! I've also made them in a 'tear-drop' shape-very charming! Each pair is unique and handcrafted; no two are ever the same.

Guitar Earring Shape

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Custom hammered earrings

These two earrings were custom made and have been sold.  The top pair are hammered Sterling Silver with brown glass beads.  The bottom pair are hammered silver wire with three red glass beads.   Think of all the possibilities I could make for you!  Sterling Silver wire or silver craft wire with a variety of beads--just let me know the color you'd like.

Custom Hammered Wire

Friday, August 20, 2010

rosette wire wrap ring

This ring has a delicate rosette in the center. It can be made in any size. This one is made in Sterling silver.  Non-tarnish wire also available.


a pure thing hammered ring

This ring is what came to mind when I thought of 'purity.'  It is hammered into a heart shape and is very comfortable to wear.  It is made of non-tarnish wire, but also can be custom made with Sterling Silver wire.


grandma's button jar heirloom ring

These antique rings from my grandma's button jar are examples of custom rings I could make for you.  Do you have special buttons from your grandma's button jar?  If you mail me your treasured trinket, I can custom make it into a special heirloom ring.  Non-tarnish wire or Sterling Silver wire (recommended) is available.  Wonderful as gifts for loved ones in your family. (these rings not for sale, they belonged to my grandma)
NOTE: Some vintage glass buttons are very delicate.  Though I do my very best to treat your button with care, the glass shaft may break in the process of wrapping. This rarely happens, but has happened to me in the past, due to the fragile nature of the button.  I am not to be held responsible for this 'casualty.'  Thank you for understanding.

Heirloom Ring Wire

buttoned up bracelet

"Indian head" buttons surround this chain metal bracelet. A pop of whimsy for when you're feeling daring!  SOLD.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hammered Swirl Ring

This hammered swirl ring is so comfortable to wear.  It works well if you have a hard time getting a ring on your finger, as it is slightly adjustable.  It works best as a middle or pointer finger ring, due to its larger size.  It can be made in non-tarnish craft wire or Solid Sterling Silver wire.  I can custom make one for you!


Delicate Button Ring

This size 6.5 button ring is made with silver wire as costume jewelry.  A custom size can be made with Sterling Silver wire and the same button.  This delicate ring is my favorite!  It is sure to dress up any outfit!  This particular ring has been sold.

Hammered Hoop Earrings

These hammered hoop earrings have 4 bright blue glass beads woven into the curve.  They are made of non-tarnish silver wire, hanging on stainless steel ear wires.  Sterling Silver hoops on can be custom made with your choice of bead color; all components are made of sterling silver.  They can be made to hang wide or narrow. I have many other glass bead color options.

Hammered Earring Wire

Button Delight Ring

This cheerful wire wrapped ring is a delight! This ring has been sold, but I have many, many more other beautiful buttons in my stockpile--just name your favorite color!

Cute as a Button Ring

This medium sized double button ring is a size 6.5.  It is red and blue and wrapped in silver wire.  Custom rings available with your choice of ring size, button color and Sterling Silver Wire or non-tarnish wire.  Its fanciful design and bright colors will brighten your day! This ring has been sold, but I have every color and every size available for you to customize!

Nestled Blue Ring

This turquoise colored glass bead is a size 7.  Its quirky shape and bend make it totally one-of-a-kind!  This particular ring has been sold, but I have many other custom options available, just ask!

It's a Wrap Ring

This red glass bead ring is a size 6 and is made of silver craft wire.  This particular ring has been sold.

Yellow Rose Ring

This ring is size 7.5.  It is a delicate yellow glass rose bead, wrapped in silver wire.  This specific ring has been sold, but I have other options available, just ask!

Bigger Buttons are Best Ring

This ring is made with two buttons, a large clear/swirly amber colored button and a round aqua button. It is oversized and totally funky! I have more of this orange button and you can choose your center color!