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Friday, August 20, 2010

grandma's button jar heirloom ring

These antique rings from my grandma's button jar are examples of custom rings I could make for you.  Do you have special buttons from your grandma's button jar?  If you mail me your treasured trinket, I can custom make it into a special heirloom ring.  Non-tarnish wire or Sterling Silver wire (recommended) is available.  Wonderful as gifts for loved ones in your family. (these rings not for sale, they belonged to my grandma)
NOTE: Some vintage glass buttons are very delicate.  Though I do my very best to treat your button with care, the glass shaft may break in the process of wrapping. This rarely happens, but has happened to me in the past, due to the fragile nature of the button.  I am not to be held responsible for this 'casualty.'  Thank you for understanding.

Heirloom Ring Wire


  1. I have some buttons from my great grandma you remember her? This is such a great idea, and would make really neat Christmas presents. I'm going to have to pick out some special ones.

  2. Yes, I remember her. She was so cute! Great idea!

  3. do you still do this? and how long does it take once you get the button?