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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New Post: Ring 1. Grandma's Button Jar Ring

Since I have moved my 'jewelry business' over to a website, I am going to try and use this blog as....a blog!  Big shocker, I know.  My goal is to write once a week.  I am going to start by sharing about the handmade rings I wear.  Each ring is unique and tells its own story.

This story is about the ring I wear the most--the ring that got this whole jewelry business idea started.

I had seen oversized sterling silver rings in stores last season and really wanted to get one.  They reminded me of something my mom would have worn on the 1970's. They were similar to these:

I loved the details in the patterns and was on the hunt.  I internet shopped and window shopped for WEEKS, looking for just the right one. I learned about 'filigre' and 'marquee,' expanded my searching and kept looking.  I had saved up birthday money so I knew I could get one once I found "it."  My searching lead me from real stores, to Amazon and then to Etsy.  Esty opened up a whole new world of sterling silver rings for me.  There were so many beautiful handmade rings.  As I looked more, I got to thinking, "I could make that..maybe." 

I did more research into what kind of supplies I would need, watched a few tutorials and then I placed my order.  The money I would have spent on a ring went to buy: a ball peen hammer, rawhide mallet, sterling silver wire and a ring mandrel.  Until I did my research I hadn't even heard of most of those items.

I was hooked.  I wanted to try it all!

When my husband's grandmother passed away, I was able to keep a handful of buttons that she had collected over the years.  They sat, collecting dust, in a small dish on a shelf.  When I saw "Button Rings" on etsy, I knew I had found something I wanted to try.  I dug through the glass dish and found "it."  After a few failed tries on cheap-o craft wire, I was confident I could try with the sterling wire.  I came up with this ring.

It's perfect for me and I just love it!  Oversized with details AND it has meaning.  People ask me if it's a 'poison ring' because it looks like it can be opened, but it's not.  I tell them it's a button that belonged to my husband's grandma.  Even better.

Stay tuned for the story of my next ring.

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